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Delta 5851, 2D

We climb on airplanes, find our seat, stow our bags, sit & buckle up.  Exhale.  We made it …. again.  Business travel ritual.  We check out our seat mate … and decide to say hello — or    read … sleep … dive into our device.  Sometimes the polite acknowledgments lead to a good conversation … and sometimes, a fantastic conversation with sharp thinking, funny anecdotes, cool ideas.

Chris and I met tonight on this flight from LGA to DFW — he’s an anti-aging doctor with his own line of vitamins, and I’m a digital chica for a healthcare company.  Perfect combo for riffing on healthcare and patient benefits.  I care about building & providing digital capabilities that patients can access to improve their vision care outcomes.  Chris cares about creating & providing efficacious treatments that gives his patients healthier, more satisfying lives.  Ideas began to flow … building one upon another as the plane door closed & the tarmac taxi began …. and it hit us … this kind of Tarmac Thinking happens when random algorithms mesh humans into seating charts.

So, we’re at +30,000 feet above who-knows-what US town inviting other airborne souls to share your Tarmac Thinking.  Let’s see what flies … sorry, just could not resist it … ha!

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